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Need help meeting stringent new federal guidelines?

  • Less NOx, Less CO
  • More stable temperatures
  • Fewer problems!

The quickest and least expensive solutions to reduce emissions and improve performance of a power plant.

From StatSoft - the worldwide leader in advanced process monitoring and optimization software systems and predictive data mining applications.

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Access the EPRI report detailing our technology's optimization of a coal-fired power plant.

These solutions, based on cutting edge, proprietary, predictive data mining and analytics, are easy and quick to implement, produce immediate, significant improvement, and are offered at a fraction of the cost of the respective hardware upgrades necessary to produce similar - but often not as effective - outcomes.

  • Powered by StatSoft's patented technologies for Data Driven Process Optimization
  • Proven data driven solutions
  • Multivariate nonlinear optimization from historical data, no computer expertise required
  • Application of the most advanced data mining technologies specifically adapted for power-plant optimization
  • Advanced multivariate on-site or remote process monitoring

Leverage the information in your existing data (e.g. in the , PI data historian) to optimize power plant performance.

Whether you are looking to optimize combustion (OFA), stabilize operations, reduce emissions, or predict problems, StatSoft Power Solutions will assist in leveraging your current data to help increase profits and meet recently mandated federal regulations.

Please contact StatSoft Power Solutions, for more information about our services, software solutions, and recent success stories.

Let us work with you to improve your operations with your existing equipment by leveraging the data that you already have, and for a fraction of the cost of other methods.

Apply StatSoft's advanced data driven optimization strategies to fine-tune the equipment to optimize its performance for your specific site and/or the type of boiler/process.

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